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The Washington Conservation Commission is undertaking the preservation of Historic New Preston Falls.

Founded in 1917, the Lake Waramaug Association celebrated its Centennial last year with several exciting initiatives and community events.

Plant 100 Trees and Save 100 Acres Around the Lake.

If you haven't yet, please join the community to plant a tree in honor of our Centennial, and help us to preserve enough land around the Lake to ensure a healthy and beautiful environment for generations to come.

Learn more about these programs and how you can participate, from our August 2016 Newsletter.

And for guidelines on selecting, planting, and caring for your Centennial Tree, check out our new Trees page. See News for the latest updates on the Annual Meeting, Facebook, Boat Launch, Marathon and Regattas.

The Lake Waramaug Association is a membership organization whose mission is to preserve Lake Waramaug and its environs as a public recreational area and to promote the safety, health and enjoyment of those who use the Lake. Lake Waramaug is located in northwestern Connecticut with borders in the towns of Washington, Warren and Kent.

To this end, the Association is concerned with all matters relating to:

The Association collaborates with the Lake Waramaug Task Force, whose focus is water quality and the overall environmental health of the lake; the Lake Waramaug Authority, whose focus is public safety; as well as the towns of Washington, Warren and Kent to accomplish these goals.

The Association is organized around five committees: Lake Use; Property; Traffic & Patrol; Communications; Membership & Events. To get more involved in the association or join a committee, please email

Recent Postings:

Waramaug was the name of an Indian chief of the Wyantenock tribe who had hunting grounds near falls on the Housatonic River, now referred to as "Lover's Leap," in the town of New Milford. Chief Waramaug and his followers wintered in the area now covered by Lake Lillinonah, which was later created by damming the Housatonic, and made Lake Waramaug their summer residence.

See a topographical map of Lake Waramaug.

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