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Download and keep on hand our "Keeper Sheet".
Only launch motorboats and jetskis at Washington ramp; inspect the vessel for invasive weeds when removing it from another body of water and drain it.
Ensure dock and boat service providers adhere to guidelines to protect the Lake from invasive weeds.
Protect the Lake when building and landscaping.
  • Follow zoning requirements and secure appropriate permits and approvals.
  • Use shoreline buffer plantings, eliminate invasive species.
  • Avoid harmful fertilizers; no phosphate!
  • Learn to identify (and report to LWTF) Invasive Aquatic Plants.
  • Maintain your septic system with regular maintenance.
    Observe the speed limit at all times; and request that those who work or make deliveries to your home do the same.
    Be aware and courteous to non-motorized recreational users when driving on the road or water. Motor boaters, please minimize your wake around kayakers and rowers, especially in the early morning. Observe slow-no-wake areas.
    Follow state regulations for safe boating and responsible fishing.
    Swim only near shore or use a spotter boat.
    Make sure emergency services can easily identify your house from the road with a prominently posted street number.
    Mark docks and watercraft on the waterside with your house number.
    Take necessary precautions in the event of severe weather.


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