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Our Centennial

Founded in 1917, the Lake Waramaug Association marks its centennial this year. In connection with a larger project commemorating our 100th Anniversary, we are asking all friends, residents and members to kindly look in your attics, family albums, forgotten file and shoe boxes to see if you have any photos (or other interesting documents) you’d be willing to share with our community.

Please contact us at lakewaramaugassociation@gmail.com with any contributions, which will be carefully scanned and returned to you promptly!


The 33rd Annual Polar Bear Run — Sunday, February 26th

The 33rd Annual Polar Bear Run (once around the lake) is scheduled to begin at 11:00 a.m. The race attracts several hundred participants, so vehicular use of the lake roads may be limited, particularly during the first hour. The race begins and ends at the Lake Waramaug Country Club property on West Shore Road. Cheer the runners on!

If you wish to participate, please register here.

July 15: Young bear at 139 WSR

  • The Lake Waramaug Authority will be conducting training and safety patrol missions in their ice boat throughout the winter on most weekends.

  • August 2016 Newsletter

  • Minutes of June Annual Meeting

  • LWA Financial Summary for 2013, 2014, and 2015

    Traffic Issues Due to Construction

    As most of you know, there is a great deal of construction around the lake with an increased number of large machines and vehicles. Unfortunately, there has also been an increase in the number of cars illegally parked and, in some cases, completely blocking one lane of the road. The police are aware of the problem and have asked us to report illegally parked vehicles so they can be ticketed. If you see any illegally parked vehicles, please phone the police at 860-868-9671 with the location.

    Public Notice Emails

    As a public service, Lake Waramaug Association has been sending out notices of Public Hearings for Lake related land use applications in Kent, Washington and Warren. If you would like to sign up to receive these notifications, please email us with "public notice" in the subject line.


    Seaplane Ordinance

    On June 17, the town of Kent passed the Seaplane Ordinance which bans seaplanes and all other aircraft from landing on Lake Waramaug. Now that Warren, Kent and Washington have all passed this ordinance, it is illegal for any type of aircraft to land on Lake Waramaug. If you witness aircraft attempting to land on the Lake, try to either jot down the identification number or take a photo with your cell phone.

    Fabulous Fireworks

    A big "thank you!" to all of you who helped make this year's fireworks such a spectacular event. We hope you enjoyed the display and had a wonderful weekend.

    News Postings

    Lake Waramaug Task Force Posts

    Mary Harwood's splendid A History of Lake Waramaug has been reprinted by the Association. Copies are available ($25) at Association meetings and at the Hickory Stick Bookshop in Washington Depot. Our thanks to the Hickory Stick for doing this as a community service without charge to the Association. Buy other books and gifts when you are there and enjoy the benefits of being able to shop locally!

    From time to time, we notify our membership by email of town and commission meetings and other events. If you would like to be notified, please send an email to info@waramaugassoc.org with "notify me" in the subject line.

    Archived Posts

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