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Lake Waramaug offers a host of recreational opportunities: walking, biking, fishing, swimming, camping, rowing, kayaking and canoeing, sailing and boating.


Boating on Lake Waramaug presents many opportunities for fun and relaxation, but also poses the biggest threat for the introduction of invasive weeds, as well as potential safety issues.

Washington Boat Launch

Opening this Saturday, April 18th!

During this difficult time, the town realizes the importance of opening the ramp for lake access. Although if at any time the ramp attendants or the Lake Waramaug Authority feel that conditions are unsafe and guidelines are not being followed, the ramp will be closed until it is deemed safe and appropriate to reopen.

  • The ramp will be operating on spring hours which are Saturdays, Sundays, and Wednesdays from 6:00 to 11:00 a. m. and 4:00 p.m. to sunset.
  • There is a $25 annual sticker fee. All boats will be inspected for invasives and subject to a $5 per launch inspection fee.
  • Parking is limited, so it will be on a first come first served basis. Violators will be towed.
  • In order to adhere to social distancing parameters, please bring exact change or a check made out to the Town of Washington.
  • For your safety and the safety of the ramp attendants, there will be no/limited contact.
  • There will be NO PUBLIC BATHROOMS so plan accordingly.

    The town wishes to thank you in advance for working with them to enjoy the lake as safely as possible.

    A Special Message for Safe Boating

    During our membership meeting last September, several of our members raised concerns about wakeboard boats and the large wakes they generate. These wakes can create hazards for swimmers, people enjoying smaller self propelled vessels, such as canoes, kayaks, paddle boards, rowing shells, sailboats etc, as well as causing damage to docks and floats. In addition, their wakes can also cause environmental damage to the shoreline and pose an erosive threat to the Lake's sensitive shoreline area by disturbing the bottom, churning up sediments and potentially causing harm to native aquatic plants, fish, and the newly introduced zooplankton which have been farmed at the Task Force facility. Lake Waramaug is a relatively small lake which is shared by many users, both residents and visitors to the State Park. We ask all of our members to be considerate of others to ensure that everyone can enjoy the lake safely.

    With that in mind, the Washington Police have asked us to include the following message from them:

    Washington Police Department
    2A Bryan Plaza
    Washington, CT 06794
    (860) 868-9671

    Subject: Lake Waramaug Safety

    With summer approaching we want everyone to have an enjoyable time on the Lake with friends and family this year. Safety is the top priority for everyone and one that we all can help participate in. As many of you know the lake is used for many different purposes including but not limited to boating, kayaking, canoeing, rowing, tubing and swimming. We ask that everyone takes the time to be courteous to one another as this is the best way to help ensure safety of ALL on the lake.

    Below are a few of the safety rules and regulations adopted by the State of Connecticut that we all should be aware of to help ensure safety. Lake Waramuag Authority patrols will be out there this summer enforcing all safety regulations and conducting safety checks!

    Under Connecticut Law, boaters must inspect their vessel for vegetation and properly remove and dispose of any vegetation before transporting the vessel; violations are subject to fines. To reinforce this law, the launching of boats on Lake Waramaug is restricted, and the Town of Washington passed a boat inspection ordinance.

    $25.00 annual sticker fee.
    All boats will be inspected for milfoil and subject to a $5.00 per launch inspection fee. Parking limited on a first come, first served basis. Violators will be towed.

    You must provide boat and trailer registration, current Driver’s License and Safe Boating Certificate. Parking is limited to eight spaces (including one handicapped space) on a first-come, first-serve basis. Violators will be towed. Boats leaving the lake should be at the launch at least 20 minutes prior to the scheduled closing time. Extra fee for late removal is $75.00.

    Do not launch boats from any other location! For further information check the Parks & Recreation web page or call at 860-868-1519.

    The Lake Waramaug Agreement
    An agreement between the three towns and the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection was signed in September 2004, following near unanimous approvals at town meetings. Major elements of the agreement include:

    The agreement provides that car-top boats (12 HP engine maximum, which can be carried on top of a car or in an van or pickup truck and can be unloaded by not more than two people) can be launched from either the State Park or the Washington Boat Launch after they have been inspected for environmental fitness to enter the Lake. Such inspections are presently performed at the Washington Boat Launch during its scheduled hours (see below). Dowler’s Garage on Route 202 (south of Route 45) can do car-top inspections if the Washington Boat Launch is closed. Operators of car-top boats should always inspect their boats carefully for any plant or animal material from other lakes or rivers before launching, and dispose of any such material AWAY from the lake.

    All other motorboats, including jet skis, must be launched from Washington Boat ramp, which incorporates an inspection for dangerous plants or other material with each launch. The ramp is located on Route 45 near the Washington town beach at the southeast corner of the Lake.

    Motorboat Speed Restriction

    The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) has adopted the following regulation, effective December 12, 2014, for a portion of the State Park Arm of the Lake:

    "No person shall operate a motorboat on Lake Waramaug... in excess of slow-no-wake from May 15 through September 15, inclusive, in the cove adjacent to Lake Waramaug State Park in the area beginning at the northernmost tip of the cove, bounded by the shorelines, and southerly from said northernmost tip for a distance of 1,300 feet."

    "Slow-no-wake" generally means that a motorboat shall neither attain a speed in excess of six miles an hour nor produce more than a minimum wake. The area affected by this regulation will be marked by floating buoys. Jet-skis and other motorized personal watercraft are also subject to this restriction.

    The safety concern addressed by this regulation (the concentration of various competing users — ranging from swimmers and the operators of canoes and kayaks to motorboats towing water skiers — in this small and narrow congested area) was initially brought to the attention of the DEEP Boating Division by the on-lake enforcement officers of the Lake Waramaug Authority followed, in accordance with statutory procedure, by a request for DEEP remedial action by the Warren Town Meeting. The DEEP, after a lengthy and detailed assessment, conducted a public hearing review and public comment process, and proposed a regulation. After revision in response to public comment, and further review and modification by the Regulation Review Committee of the State Legislature, the above regulation was adopted.

    In addition to this specific regulation, Connecticut law generally requires that no person shall operate a motorboat at a speed in excess of "slow-no-wake" within 100 feet of shore, a dock, pier, float or anchored/moored vessel, unless taking off or landing a water skier. For jet-ski personal watercraft, the distance is 200 feet. In other areas a boat must be operated so that it will not endanger others and must be able to stop safely within the clear distance ahead.

    Any concerns about water safety should be directed to the Lake Waramaug Authority police boat on patrol or Resident State Trooper Stephen Sordi at 860-868-9671.

    Safe Boating

    All Boaters must follow Connecticut laws and regulations. Boating information can be found in the Connecticut Boater's Guide which is also available from the Town Clerk. A "Safe Boating Certificate" is required in order to operate a motorized recreational vessel and must be on board at all times during operation. In order to obtain a Safe Boating Certificate, an individual must successfully complete an approved basic boating course or receive a passing grade on an equivalency examination administered by the DEP. Similar requirements exist for operating a Personal Watercraft (i.e. Jetski). Certification and registration information can be found on the CT Department of Energy & Environmental Protection website.

    Connecticut law requires that all boats with motors — regardless of size — and sailboats powered by sail alone, 19 1/2 feet or longer, be registered and numbered before launching. If you purchase a boat that is currently registered, you are responsible for seeing that it is registered in your name. All vessels must be registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Evidence of ownership must be submitted at the time of registration. Upon receipt of the application and fee, an identification number will be assigned and a certificate of number/registration will be issued along with two validation decals. The registration will be valid until April 30 of the following year. Connecticut vessel numbers stay with the boat as long as it is registered in the state. Normally you will receive a registration renewal from DMV early in the calendar year. If you do not register the boat for a year, you will not receive another renewal notice and you must go to a DMV office to renew your registration.

    Please practice safe and courteous boating. Connecticut boating regulations include:


    Property found floating on the lake or which finds a temporary home on a resident's lakefront is a continuing water safety issue. To aid in resolving this problem, the Town of Washington ("Town"), the Lake Waramaug Authority ("Authority") and the Lake Waramaug Association ("Association") have agreed upon the following trial program of notification and removal:

    The Town and the Authority have established the following email address: lakewaramauglostandfound@washingtonct.org

    If you FIND property on the lake or it has floated to your shoreline, email a description of that property, along with your location and contact information. Please put "Found" in the subject line. Either retain the property or bring it to the Washington Boat Launch ("Launch"). If the property is too large or heavy for you to handle, include that information in your email or call Washington Resident State Trooper Matthew Costella at 860-868-9671 to seek instructions for possible assistance from the Authority's Marine Patrol Boat. (The Marine Patrol will assist in its discretion where possible, but only where its boat may operate safely.)

    Articles floating on the lake will also be collected by the Marine Patrol Boat and will be brought to the Launch and placed in an area designated by the Town for such use. The Town will permit such property to remain at the Launch for at least ten days (two weekends), after which the Town may dispose of such property.

    If you have LOST property, send a description of the property and your contact information to the email address above. Please put "Lost" in the subject line. Where possible, lost and found notices will be posted here, matched and the parties notified.

    And Please Note That:


    Swimmers should remain close to shore and in marked swimming areas. It can be very difficult for motor boat drivers to spot swimmers! If you plan to swim further from shore, have a spotter boat accompany you to divert other watercraft.

    Access to the Lake is available at the Lake Waramaug State Park at the northwest end of the Lake, and, for residents of Warren and Washington with the appropriate permits, at their respective Town Beaches. These locations provide opportunities for swimming, picnics, non-motorized boating.

    Warren Town Beach

    The beach is open Memorial Day through Labor Day, 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. to Warren residents, taxpayers, and their guests. Vehicles owned or leased by property owners or renters are eligible for beach stickers which must be affixed to the windshield side of the rearview mirror. Stickers will be checked by gate attendant. Cars without stickers will not be admitted! No Exceptions!

    Warren Parks and Recreation offers a full set of rules about the use of the beach, and how to obtain a vehicle beach sticker.

    Washington Town Beach

    The beach is available to all residents and taxpayers of the Town of Washington. Permits allow use of the picnic and swim area, and are available at the beach. For more information contact Washington Parks and Recreation 860-868-1519.

    Illustrations by Joseph Tomelleri from the State Angler's Guide


    A license is needed for anglers over age 16, and can be purchased at all Town Halls and selected vendors. The CT DEP's website lists license type, fees and where to obtain them. The DEP also offers extensive information about fishing in Connecticut in their "Connecticut Angler's Guide."

    Species of fish found in Lake Waramaug include large mouth bass, small mouth bass, chain pickerel, yellow perch, brown bullhead and sunfish.

    Follow DEP guidelines for being a responsible angler:

    The DEP also specifies responsibilities of anglers in regards to aquatic nuisance species. An increasing number of maging aquatic species are invading waters of Connecticut. You can help prevent the spread of problem species by following these simple suggestions before leaving a boat launch:


    Overnight camping is available at Lake Waramaug State Park. Over 70 wooded and open sites overlook the Lake, with concession, dumping station, bathrooms and showers. No pets allowed. Campsite reservations are required; see the State website for rates. The campground office is located at 30 Lake Waramaug Road, New Preston (northwest corner of the Lake). Call 860-868-0220 (seasonal number) or 860-424-3200.


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