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The roads around Lake Waramaug have been designated as "State Scenic Roads," acknowledging their unique beauty. Respect the speed limit, which is 25 mph, except on Route 45. The roads can be narrow, with reduced sight lines around curves and, most importantly, active with walkers, campers, bikers and children. Please drive even slower around areas with children and recreational users.

Trim roadside vegetation on Lake roads to eliminate outcroppings, maintain sightlines and enhance road safety. This benefits the Lake as well, since the Department of Transportation will spray chemical herbicide on roadside growth, which is not desirable (even though they assert it will not harm the Lake).

If you find a hazardous condition on the road around the lake, including signage, obstructions, posts, etc., please report it to the police or info@waramaugassoc.org.


Address identification for emergency personnel is required in Washington and recommended in the other towns. Ambulance, fire and police services need to quickly find your home, so place your clearly visible street number on an object close to the road.

Place owner identification for docks, boats and small watercraft which may be set adrift by storms or other events (as happens every season). Please mark your name and address or phone number in a conspicuous place.


Members of the Association contributed to the acquisition of an Airboat to assist in emergency situations on the Lake. Although the Airboat has a special muffler, it will be noisy during its brief and hopefully infrequent use and training sessions. The Airboat will be stored in the Boat Storage Building at the Washington Boat Ramp during the winter season.


Flooding after 2011's Irene.


In anticipation of severe storms, please be sure to do the following:

Remove and Secure Property: Articles of personal property at the waterfront and elsewhere should be brought inside or substantially secured. Particular attention should be paid to articles which can be picked up by storm winds — furniture, boating equipment, inflatables, fuel containers, surfing platforms, dock sections, etc. Check the shoreline carefully, and note the water level; a deluge may result in overflows!

Identify Property: Make sure that all property, including dock sections, is marked to identify ownership — name, address, telephone number. Since much property may become airborne during a powerful storm, the task of owner identification will be simplified if all property is marked.

Emergency Services: Call 911 for police, fire and ambulance assistance.

Weather Links:

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    We are lucky to live in an area we share with a multitude of wildlife. Increasingly, larger species such as coyotes, bobcats, black bears and even a moose(!) have been seen in the area. Always practice caution and keep a large, safe distance between you and a wild animal. And please let us know when you see one, as well as your address or location.

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